Why the iPad is going to be the killer tool for one-on-one presentations and sales

One of the things I missed in the initial flurry of news about Apple’s iPad tablet is the fact they’re releasing it with Keynote, Pages and Numbers from the iWork Suite.

The killer there is Keynote, Apple’s incredibly powerful, stunning and easy to use presentation package.

Having Keynote on an iPad is going to make it a real killer for doing one-on-one presentations out on the road.

Keynote gives the iPad a serious business audience, and I think that it could be Apple’s backdoor to get the iPhone and App Store economy into a lot more corporate and enterprise environments.

Imagine, now if you’re pitching or selling, you have all of the following:

– a gorgeous, cool, sexy tablet.
– easy to carry, ultra portable, light-weight
– runs the best presentation software on the market
– allows you to present “with” a prospect, sharing the tablet like a booklet or piece of paper, rather than both staring at a computer and keyboard or throwing the projection on a wall.
– 10 hours of battery life – you can be out and about with this thing all day.

I think it could give “let me take you through this together” a whole new meaning for presentations done one-on-one, something that with laptops and conference rooms has always had a lot of overhead and pain.

It turns the iPad from being a consumer-focused intimate web and media device, and makes it an absolutely fabulous sales tool.




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