About Me

My name is Jed White. I’m a software developer and startup guy with a passion for the future of media.

I’m working on a new startup called TribeVibe, which tracks and measures the impact of content across the real-time social web.

I previously founded itechne, a digital media consulting, services and solutions business working with media and marketing organizations in Australia, and before that was an editor and publishing director for some of the country’s biggest technology magazines and websites.

Coding and media have me hooked. I’ve been writing code and immersed with computers ever since I was a little kid, and a media junkie for nearly as long. I love technology and media, and I get a huge buzz out of being able to work at the intersection of the two.

I believe that startups and entrepreneurship are critical to the world. Most of the world’s great advances are sparked by small committed, passionate teams working against the odds and against the clock. Entrepreneurship is the economic engine room of any advanced society.

If you’re interested in these same topics, I’ve set up some Friendfeed rooms to share interesting stories about them (although I’m on a bit of a hiatus from blogging and social media at the moment while I focus on building TribeVibe.

I love the mountains and the sea, going hiking and biking, and get a thrill from coding for the clouds in the foothills of the Rockies.

Follow me on Twitter or Friendfeed, or connect on Facebook or LinkedIn, or email me at jed [at] jedwhite.com